Wireless Home Security Systems Take Home Security to the Next Level

Research indicates that one in five homes will get broken into at some point. It is also estimated that a burglary takes place in the US every fifteen seconds. With these statistics, it is understandable that security systems have become a necessity for homeowners across the country. Gone, however, are the traditional alarm systems of the past—those which included cumbersome wiring, confusing control panels and endless false alarms. Technological innovations have made home monitoring simple, convenient and controlled from a smartphone or tablet. Today’s wireless home security systems have many benefits including:


  • Security

The absence of exposed phone or cable lines that can be easily cut during break-ins makes wireless systems incredibly secure as compared to the obsolete systems of the past. With 24/7, reliable and real-time accessibility via a smartphone anywhere in the world, these systems are designed to work in any situation. The presence of automated cameras and motion sensors provide additional peace of mind.

  • Easy to Install

Pre-configured devices and simple instructions make today’s systems easy to install, activate and personalize. In fact, no tools are required for installation of the top systems on the market.

  • Immediate Notification and Resolution

Advanced cellular-based wireless systems offer exceptional and constant support. Notifications are sent to a homeowner and emergency contacts within seconds of an alarm being tripped or the detection of motion. The notification can then be resolved through a computer or smartphone. If no one is available, the monitoring center automatically dispatches authorities to the property.

  • Affordable

A common misconception is that a system this technologically advanced must also be cost-prohibitive for most homeowners. However, because there is no wiring, electrical work or other type of installation involved, costs remain exceptionally low.

  • Upgradable

Since all components of the systems are wireless, it is easy to upgrade and add additional sensors at any time. This, of course, is only possible with wired systems after more installation…meaning extra time, costs and inconvenience.

  • Multi-Functionality

Wireless security systems do more than simply detect motion or notify of an intrusion. They also provide important video surveillance, fire and carbon monoxide monitoring, pet security and connectivity with multiple external home automation devices, such as smart lights, door locks and thermostats.

LiveWatch is a trusted provider of the most advanced wireless home security systems on the market. Its products are simple, affordable, reliable and secure. LiveWatch’s premium-quality, trademarked Plug&Protect device and exclusive ASAPer alert system combine to give homeowners peace of mind with the fastest response time in the industry.

About LiveWatch:

LiveWatch offers innovative home security solutions including its wireless security camera system. It prides itself in providing homeowners across the country with devices that are affordable, easy to install, convenient and durable.

For more information, please visit Livewatch.com


Original Source: https://goo.gl/TKi42d


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